Woodbridge Fire District
400 E Augusta Street
Woodbridge, CA 95258

Phone # (209) 369-1945
Fax # (209) 369-4568


Captain James Bell is assigned to the Fire Training Division, under the direction of the Fire Chief.  The district also has personnel that are assigned to assist with our multi discipline technical training.

 Our Training facility is located at 400 E. Augusta, (Station # 1).  Also, at this location is a training classroom which is capable of handling up to 30 students and training props to support our training efforts. 

The training provided to our firefighters is as diverse as the types of calls the Fire Department responds to.  The department’s next alarm response could be anywhere from helping someone into a wheel chair to a large scale disaster.  From the moment a firefighter is hired until the day they retire, they are immersed in training. The numerous dangers a firefighter could be faced with makes training one of the most important aspects of a firefighter’s career.  The Training Division's goal is to provide valuable training before a firefighter is faced with these dangers.

Academy Training for New Hires

 Incident Command and Control, Structural Firefighting, Emergency Medical Training, Vehicle Extrication, Wild land Firefighting, Fire Investigation, High/ Low Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue, River and Flood rescue, Fire Boat Operations, Vehicle Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Building  Collapse, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Career Developmental Training


The Woodbridge Fire District is proud to be a part of the Lodi Memorial CPR Group.  Through this organization our department’s trained personnel continue to provide CPR and First Aid training to the public.  If anyone from our community is interested in learning CPR or First Aid please contact the Woodbridge Fire district or Lodi Memorial Hospital’s Education Department.