Woodbridge Fire District
400 E Augusta Street
Woodbridge, CA 95258

Phone # (209) 369-1945
Fax # (209) 369-4568

Community Fire Safety

The purpose of public education is to support, aid and assist with the education of the public and fire prevention activities of the Woodbridge Fire District by promoting goodwill and community spirit within the boundaries of the Woodbridge Fire district.
Our public education program consists of visiting schools in our district and conducting fire drills once a month, as well as  CHANGE YOUR CLOCK CHANGE YOUR BATTERY Program, offering public CPR classes and tours of the station.  We kickoff Fire Prevention Week every October with our Ken Crosby Memorial Pancake Breakfast and Open House. 


Please make sure your home address is easily identified in the case of an emergency. Here are some guidelines to help: 


  • Address numbers should be visible on mailboxes or on houses 100’ off roadway


  • Address numbers should be at least a minimum of 2” high


  • Address numbers placed on a residence shall contrast with their background


  • Street address numbers should be visible from both sides